Review of the Fortnite skins

Skins list

Here information about more Fortnite skins. Enjoy it!

Lynx skin

Becomes available on Tier 1 of the new season, as pumping garment transforms into a futuristic armor:

Lynx Fortnite skin

After reaching 30,000 XP:

Lynx skin

The final variation:

For a quick experience, try to perform all the weekly tests.

Zenith fortnite skin

Also available at Tier 1 grade. Over time, his clothes become more and more insulated.

Zenith skin

To unlock the final version you need to complete 10 weekly tests.

Sgt. Winter skin

Available starting from 23 rank Battle Pass. As pumping will change only his head. A total of 14 daily tasks will be required.

Sgt. Winter skin

Powder skin

Will appear together for 47 rank. Additional options of shape are lacking.

Trog skin

Perhaps one of the most memorable skins of the season becomes available on Tier 71.

Onesie skin

Mistakenly appeared in the store items at the end of last season. Now the suit can be earned at level 87.

Onesie fortnite skin

The Ice King skin

Opens on the last hundredth rank Battle Pass. Clearly inspired by the classic comic book villains and the Lich King of World of Warcraft. The costume has 4 levels of progression, which differ only in color solutions. To unlock them you need to destroy a huge number of opponents.

The ice king skin

Other Fortnite skins

Fortnite skins season 2-6

Rare skins

Blue Team Leader skin

An exclusive item for PlayStation Plus subscribers. By the way available on other platforms. So… player uses the same account for all platforms. Included is a glider in a similar color scheme. Extremely easy to obtain, but quite rare because of not the most obvious way to unlock.

Blue team leader Fortnite skin

The Reaper skin

Last unlocked outfit in Season 3 (Tier 100). Most likely, it will never be available again, as the season has long come to an end. The inspiration for the look clearly was the image of Keanu Reeves from the movie John Wick.

The Reaper Fortnite skin

Sgt. Green Clover skin

Released long enough in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and has been available for a limited time. Now very few can boast of such an outfit, because at the time of release Fortnite only gaining popularity. It is likely that on March 17 the set will go on sale again, but there have been no official statements in this regard so far.

Sgt. Green Clover skin

Red Knight skin

Also many still wish they had bought it at the beginning of Season 2. When it was available in the item store. This is one of the most beautiful and rare skins. Later it was available a few more times at the price of 2000 V-Bucks. But to date it will not buy.

Omega skin – Full Armor

Quite a rare costume, issued for the achievement of Tier 100 in Season 4. Few were able to knock it out, because it took too much time compared to previous seasons, as the total number of XP points to unlock has increased significantly and without investing V-Bucks to have time to get the right level could only the most experienced players.

Raven skin

This fortnite skin Extremely beloved by fans and just as expensive suit, added along with the patch 3.4.1.. At the time of its appearance, its value in terms of real currency was about $ 20. Skin was available in 2018. And it is highly likely to return again.

Raven skin

Aerial Assault Trooper fortnite skin

Disappeared from the store along with the completion of Season 1. And many of today’s players have not even planned to start their acquaintance with Fortnite. It is incredibly rare appearance. To unlock it was required to reach lvl 15 and spend 1200 V-Bucks.

Aerial Assault Trooper skin

Renegade Raider skin

Perhaps, the most a rare a suit on this moment, again from Season 1. It was necessary to reach the maximum rank of 20 within the first five days after the start to be able to buy it in the store for 1200 V-Bucks. Later he disappeared from the store and never appeared there again. Many famous streamers (including Ninja) periodically use it as a reminder of their long experience in the game. According to unconfirmed information, Renegade Raider is in the collection of only a few hundred people, so the chance to meet on the battlefield with the owner of such a rare skin is small.

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