Top 10 Fortnite Skins

Let’s get straight to the point how to get Top Fortnite Skins in 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to Fortnite Skins Tool
  2. Choose your device (PC/Xbox/iOS/Android)
  3. Select Best Fortnite skins
  4. Follow the instructions on the website
  5. Check your Fortnite account

New skins will be activated within a minute. Enjoy it!

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List of the Best Fortnite Skins

If you want a victorious battle, then you need to look good. Fortnite offers a huge selection of clothing, but the fact is that the in-game store changes its content every few days, making it difficult to track which outfits look better and which ones are worth buying. So here’s a list of the ten most gorgeous skins purchased for B-bucks, which will help you decide what is best to buy.

1. Cuddle Team Leader

This pink bear looks almost cute. Almost. But the eyes are too far apart, there is a giant scar on the face, and she is coming right at you with the SCAR pointed at your face. She just wants a hug, right? I never noticed the big black bow on her back, but it’s a very interesting detail. This is another skin for Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure it will appear in the store soon.

2. The Reaper

This is definitely, quite definitely, not a copy of John Wick-the tough hit man played by Keanu Reeves. No, sir. Of course, the suit is just as dark and stylish, they obviously went to the same hairdresser and have the same last name (Epic calls this guy Jason Wick), but it’s just a coincidence.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a not so bright skin among all these colors. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get it: this is the final award of the “Battle pass” of the third season. If you want it, you will need to spend a LOT of time in the game and reach level 100. Successful hunt.

3. Ginger Gunner

Fortnite’s silly humor is perhaps catchy with the fact that a gingerbread woman with blue eyebrows and a huge grin can blow you up with a rocket launcher. Again, I like the asymmetry, and I’m particularly interested in how her leg got shorter than the other. Merry Marauder-male version of the skin – another good skin, but he’s frowning face is not so funny.

4. Wukong

This is a cartoon version of Sun Wukong, the monkey king from Chinese mythology, and Epic has done a great job of making it chic, but still retaining its animal essence. The entire costume is shiny, and the huge gold shoulder pads are no different from the shoulder pads of the dwarves from World of Warcraft. Some skins have a fragment that stands out from the background, but Wukong looks great from head to toe. And he has a great beard.

5. Skull Trooper

Halloween skins, and they are very simple: one with a painted face and torn clothes, and the other is a skeleton costume. But there was something about this simplicity. In addition, now these skins are considered rare and very prestigious, because they did not appear in the store for a long time. You probably won’t have a chance to purchase them until at least October, when it’s pumpkin time, but just in case, keep your eyes wide open.

6. Love Ranger

Oh, those wings, right? I really like the contrast between the stone torso of this virtual Cupid and his bright dark-red pants. The details make it pop: these spiral designs on the chest and a large gold loop holding the ribbon. I can’t understand why one glove is bigger than the other, but I’ve always liked the asymmetry. It was a Valentine’s day skin, but it was already on its way back to the store, so it will no doubt do it again.

7. Rex

I just love it, mostly because of how artisanal it looks. Epic could have done everything right: a scaly, creepy dinosaur with big red eyes and razor-sharp spines on its back – but instead created something that looks like it was made by the parents of a ten-year-old child who desperately wants to impress their friends at a costume party. This is fantastic.

8. Crackshot

This Nutcracker doll towers above the other players. An additional set of teeth where the chin should be-a brilliant move that makes this skin even more creepy. It will be easier to notice due to its height, but fortunately, the hat is not counted in your character’s health points.

The skin may not return to the store, given that it was part of the event in December and January, but fancy specific event skins have already found their way back to the store, so don’t lose hope.

9. Battle Hound

A sinister Golden head with wild eyes is the best thing about this skin (I always think it looks more like a bird than a dog, but the devil knows). However, everything else also looks very stylish: you get tattoos, chain mail, intricately decorated armor, and a cloak with fur boots that complete the outfit. The sight of these green eyes on enemies from around the corner will make them nervous.

10. Dark Voyager

The best skin in the third season. A combination of Apollo 13 and Tron: a black astronaut suit with electric orange stripes running down the front and lots of textures. I like this gray material on the sides of the character, as well as the fact that no one sees a face in a black reflective helmet when you approach with a gun. Not surprisingly, this is now the most popular skin in the game.

Skins ultimate guide

The ultimate guide to the most interesting rare outfits and how to get them

Fortnite skins

Since the release of Fortnite in 2017, the game has a huge number of skins for the character. None of them in any way affect the internal balance. Many users feel much more comfortable or get more fan, personalizing the hero according to individual aesthetic criteria. In this text, we will briefly describe how to get access to all the attached Epic Games skins content. And also focus on the most interesting and new of the total mass.

Options of how exactly to get one or the other skin there is quite a lot. But most of them require a financial investment in one way or another. After buying Battle Pass and getting progression levels, you can unlock some very rare outfits. In fact, just playing the game for a certain time until you reach the required level. The list of items is updated with the arrival of the new season.

We should also focus on the appearance that appeared in Season 7. It is relevant at the time of writing because it was not so much time. And many have not yet had time to get them all.

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